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neXco National offers authentic, abundance-minded B2B networking and referral opportunities through our exclusive invite-only model. Join us.

Powering B2B Growth

Proven, Results-Focused Methodology

At neXco National, we focus on results and doing more of what works. Our meetings are structured to be engaging, effective, and focused on outcomes for our members. This proven format leads to measurable business outcomes. neXco National membership means:

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What our members say

Steve Barber-min
By following their platform and accountability requirements, we were able to close over $300,000 of new business within six months of joining neXco.”

Steve Barber

Supporting Strategies

Kaitlin Ruiz-min
The most exciting and strategic recruiting work my company has ever done came from a fellow neXco GovCon II chapter member… this was a large five figure deal for our organization and allowed us the opportunity to break into a huge client with little challenge because of her support and endorsements.”

Caitlin Ruiz

Founder of Human Design Consulting

Kendley Davenport-min

On two different occasions I met guests in a 1-to-1 that lead to me winning an 18-month engagement that produced over six figures of revenue for my company and a second guest that led to another smaller 12-month engagement for over $60k in fees.”

Kendley Davenport

CEO of Leadership4Success

Sherry Nachman-min
I have met and created some of the most amazing strategic partnerships with other firms that do exactly what I do.”

Sherry Nachman

Founder & CEO of Nachman Executive Consulting

Mike Reid-min
I received a payroll referral from two of my chapter members recently. One for a pool management company and one for a security company! Both totaling 5 figures! neXco rocks!”

Mike Reid

Specialty Product Advisor with Heartland Payroll

Success-Story-Headshot-4 (1)
I’ve been a member of neXco National for about a year and a half. In that time, I’ve received almost 20 referrals and have converted four, for a total of more than $30,000 in new revenue.

David Stearman

Founder, Owner and CEO of Proposal Strategy and Development Consulting LLC

Success-Story-Headshot-5 (1)
Since I have been a member of neXco about 40% of the opportunities I have brought to my firm have been from the relationships that I have made in the neXco community and from referrals and introductions sent to me from fellow neXco members!

Lisa Carmichael

Director of Business Development for Gross Mendelsohn

Abundance is by definition a very large quantity of something. I want to thank neXco for fostering this core value of abundance. We are collaborators. We each know what we do really well and what is a better fit for someone else. We pass introductions for new business, for centers of influence and do it with confidence because we believe in abundance.

Brian Hedlund

Owner and Strategic Partner at PrideStaff

Michael Duvall Member Success
I learned enough about the prospect during our discovery call and was able to refer him on to another neXco member who ended up signing a $36,000 engagement. To me, this demonstrates the power of the neXco community and the collaborative mindset of members.

Susan Katz

CEO of Susan Katz Advantage

Michael Duvall Member Success-2
The GovCon services provider wanted to exit the marketing vertical but still had two current clients enrolled. They didn’t want to leave their clients in a bad position, so they onboarded my company to subcontract those two accounts for Q4. The value of that immediate business was $24,000. Flash forward to 2022, and I was able to convert one of those two “inherited” accounts to an annual customer for $60,000.

Stacey Piper

Founder of Piper Strategies

Lewis Rhodes

neXco’s growing national reach has been a huge boom to my practice and my ability to service my clients. Last week in the span of 48 hours, I was able to use neXco connections to help my clients in two different states.  One of our clients was sued in a Texas State Court in San Antonio. I was very quickly able to connect with Michael Rodriguez in the Austin Chapter and have his firm work with us to defend this suit. Two days later, I was able to reach out to Brian Casaceli in the Boston Chapter to get use of conference room space for depositions I have to take in Boston.

I have often said that a big and understated value of the neXco community is the ability to find great resources for my clients.  It is even better now with connections nationwide.

Lewis Rhodes

Partner at Reston Law Group

Sam Greenberg
One year ago, I was on the hunt for a new job. Thanks to the neXco community, I was overwhelmed with conversations in a good way so I could find the right fit. 6 months into my new business development role, I received a promotion, and a large part of my success was thanks to my neXco referrals. Moving into management, I’ve been able to not only leverage neXco for my own success, but it has also opened the door for those around me in my company to expand their own network since they are all across the county… just like neXco.

Sam Greenberg

Business Development Team Lead at LEAP Legal Software

B2B Speed Networking

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Join us for a virtual B2B Speed Networking event, held once per month. You’ll meet 1-to-1 with other business professionals to expand your network, discuss best practices, and explore collaboration opportunities. We’d be honored to have you. 

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

Zig Ziglar