Founders Story

A Better B2B Networking Experience:

How neXco National Began

neXco National is the collective vision of Michael Burns, Albert Wu, and Adam Levin — three business owners who each asked the question, “How can we network in a more meaningful and productive way?”

The neXco story started in 2013 when Michael — an insurance professional — belonged to a lead share group through his local Chamber of Commerce.

Passionate about networking and eager to make the group as productive as possible, he and a few other members started to do things differently. They prioritized cultivating quality business relationships over just getting leads and loved the changes they noticed.

In 2014 Michael began a networking group of his own, one where he defined his own framework and created a truly welcoming and engaging community.

It was 2015 when Michael was introduced to Albert through a mutual connection. Albert was actively growing his business as a Certified Financial PlannerTM and couldn’t find a networking organization that was a good fit.

As Michael and Albert got to know each other better, they naturally started referring business back and forth, and Albert saw the power of cultivating referral relationships with other trusted advisors.

Eager to help others grow their circle of referral partners, Albert joined forces with Michael to operate and grow neXco together.

The pair got to work not only growing more chapters, but figuring out how to cultivate an authentic neXco experience that included defined meeting agendas, professional and personal development, an abundance mentality, and regular networking events.

It was through these networking events that Adam Levin caught sight of neXco’s potential.

As a long-time networker and active member of his Chamber’s lead share groups, Adam was also looking for more effective ways to network.

He’d had great success growing a lead share group that was specifically for B2B professionals, and thought Michael and Albert would benefit from shifting neXco to a B2B focus, too.

“neXco’s brand was really strong and they did a tremendous job of hosting events. I knew if we combined their great reputation and brand with my proven B2B concept, we’d have a dynamite networking community that was unlike any other community out there.”

― Adam Levin

Michael and Albert decided to give it a try and started their first B2B chapter. Since then, Michael, Albert, Adam and the collective neXco partnership have put all of their energy into making neXco National the most engaging and effective networking community it can be, and they continually ask the question, “How can we continue to make the experience better for our members?”

With a primary focus on creating engaging and informative online and in-person experiences for B2B professionals around the U.S., they continue to succeed at bringing their collective vision to life: cultivating a truly unique networking community where meaningful relationships lead to impactful business growth.

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