Powering B2B Growth

neXco National is the premier B2B networking community of leaders excited to help you succeed.

Membership with neXco National means joining an expansive, vetted group of industry professionals who can help you grow your business and better serve your clients.

Our community is built on referral sharing chapters that meet twice a month. Each chapter provides members with a structured setting that facilitates quality client introductions, professional development, and building meaningful relationships.

The interactive mastermind discussions lead to valuable insights where you can learn from others and develop your skills as a leader, entrepreneur, and professional.

What makes neXco National different?

B2B Focus

Unlike other networking groups, neXco National is a professional group of B2B service providers for optimal collaboration opportunities.

Abundance Mindset

There is plenty of business to go around. We are better and more successful when we pay it forward and help others grow.

Quality Relationships & Community Building

The required 1-to-1’s, plus the vetting and selection process to join, ensure that our community is built upon service to others and authentic relationships.

Proven, Results-focused Methodology

The engaging format, structured agenda, and meeting cadence leads to quality referrals & business opportunities.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to serve our
members through an ideal
networking experience that
cultivates an environment of
personal and professional growth.

Our History

neXco National was established in 2014 by individuals who built their businesses through networking.

The founders and members have first-hand experience in growing and cultivating lasting professional relationships that play an integral part in business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

About neXco National

  • Our sole mission is to help our members grow their business and professional networks
  • We foster a culture of collaboration by encouraging our members to work collaboratively across chapters as well as with members of other organizations
  • We partner with a different organization every month for a social
  • Guests and Members participate in mastermind discussions designed to help members grow professionally and personally
  • Non exclusivity – There are no restrictions on members joining other networking organizations
  • neXco National offers a complimentary seat in every chapter to a non-profit organization; we also organize an annual charity event to benefit a local non-profit organization 

Our B2B chapters require their members to market exclusively to businesses.

B2C chapters are made up of both B2C and B2B individuals and organizations.

A commercial real estate agent that focuses exclusively on the commercial market can join a B2C or B2B chapter, or both. The residential real estate agent is limited to joining a B2C chapter.

Our members enjoy a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Exclusive chapter seat (1 seat per profession) 
  • Referral opportunities
  • Expanded centers of influences
  • Professional development programs (Lunch & Learns)
  • Networking events (B2B Speed networking, co-hosted with Chambers and other networking organizations)
  • Access to top industry professionals
  • Ability to visit other chapters and collaborate with members in other neXco chapters
  • No restrictions on members joining other networking organizations
  • Access to ChamberForge for activity tracking and accountability
  • Member Spotlight articles published to neXco National’s network highlighting individual member business and expertise
  • Member profiles on neXco National’s website including bios, company information, and videos

Membership costs $1500 for B2B Chapters and $850 for Core Chapters annually. There is no application fee. neXco National offers a complimentary seat in every chapter to a non-profit organization and a Chamber of Commerce.

The first step to becoming a member of neXco National is to visit a chapter! We welcome guests at any of our chapter meetings. You are able to visit each chapter two times.

Once you find a chapter that is a good fit and has your professional seat open you can submit an application on our website. After your second meeting and three 1-to-1’s with members of the chapter you wish to join a vote will be initiated. You must receive 80% of more “yes” votes from the neXco National chapter you are apply for. You would then pay the annual membership dues to join officially.

Please check our “chapter openings” under the visit a chapter tab and see what chapter(s) your seat is open. If there are no openings or locations convenient for you, you can consider opening your own chapter, more info can be found here: Start a New Chapter.

Many neXco National meetings are held virtually! However, we also provide in-person networking opportunities in some areas. Visit our Events page to learn more.

Each chapter meets bi-monthly for 1.5 hours.

  • Open networking
  • President introduction to neXco National
  • Member and guest individual introductions
  • Spotlight presentation
  • Vice President leads business discussion/exercise or icebreaker
  • Recordkeeper leads reporting of: referrals, 1-to-1’s, guests and closed deal reporting
  • Visitor Liaison reviews membership
  • Open announcements
  • Open networking (optional)

All members are listed on our site. Please check out each member’s profile.

Each member will attend meetings twice a month. If you are unable to make a meeting, you can send a delegate to represent your organization. All activity (1-to-1’s, referrals, business closed) should be reported and kept current via our app.

At neXco National, we have a 10-point requirement per quarter, you receive a point for every guest you bring to a meeting, every referral you pass and every 1-to-1 you have with a member or guest. Every 1-to-1 will count as 1 point, up to a maximum of 5 per quarter. The remainder of the 10 points will come from referrals and guests.

All members are committed to being responsive and to ensuring all communications are returned within 24 hours. Any referred business will be delivered with the highest quality ensuring the client is 100% satisfied with the deliverable.

We are aware of the fiduciary standards some professions must abide by. There is nothing in our membership language that requires exclusive referrals to your chapter or a neXco member. And our point system to maintain good standing can be satisfied through guests you bring to chapter meetings and 1-to-1’s you have with other members and guests.